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About Pauline

Pauline Poyser, Director

I have been approached by the West Midlands community initiative and am an active supporter as they deal with crime prevention and strive to combat racism within the community. I am involved in an active improvement programme with the local authorities to improve practice.

Risk Management
Over the years, I have contributed to the community by working with the family and criminal courts. I am also associated with the Portman and Tavistock clinics and am backed by more than five years of experience as a probation officer. This included the supervision of offenders as well as forensic case work. I am happy to visit customers and carry out supervision on-site, and pricing is included in the quote.

I have completed risk assessments on offenders and have been involved in decision making in the courts with those who are a high risk to the community. With regards to private and family law, I have also been able to assist judges with safe contact for children who have been involved in domestic violence.

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