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Beneficial Reflective Supervision and Case Management Guidance

Case Management Guidance

Receive practical and emotional support with our reflective supervision and case management guidance. Multiskill Consultancy in Coventry, West Midlands, offers assistance to social workers and practitioners.

Reflective Supervision

When you need support and guidance with casework in relation to children and families, our dedicated team are here to assist you. We guide you through research, reflection, and case direction and strive to improve the delivery of practice and service. Our professionals have an extensive understanding of the customer’s needs and also have the tools and skills to enable a practitioner to develop professionally within their role due to management experience.

For one hour, we will assess the needs of the customer and work out how many more sessions of supervision are required. The number of presented cases will be discussed including the person’s professional role, the level of their caseload, and the overall aims and objectives. Pricing depends on the given quotation as it is determined by the needs of the customer.

Contact us to acquire more information about our reflective supervision and case management guidance.